Phusion Reference

Phusion Reference enables you to consolidate, map and reference all of your required reference data to form a single source of truth and provides a platform on which to merge and build new reference lists.

Engineering information can be referenced multiple times, in different systems, using differing libraries. These libraries need to consistently map across all information to be of value, yet comparing multiple libraries is time consuming and subjective.

Phusion Reference

  • Manage and build Reference data

    Build, maintain and compare multiple lists and ensure their availability for all stakeholders.

  • Build new libraries

    Set data into a hierarchical or a flat structure.  Import existing project reference data and/or use preconfigured Phusion options.

  • Compare multiple libraries

    Phusion Reference already contains class libraries from ISO15926, ISO 14224, ISO1000, CFIHOS etc.

Download Phusion Reference Brochure


Phusion software has been developed to integrate with ERP, CMMS and Document Management systems such SAP, Intergraph, Bentley Systems, and Maximo

Phusion Reference is customisable to work with any industry and terminology and features powerful import and export functionality to allow you to work with your existing reference material and systems. It comes pre-loaded with mappings to many of the widely used reference lists. 

Web based, Phusion Reference can be hosted in a private, public or client hosted environment and provides an online dictionary reference for all data management activities.