Pick and Link

Connect, view and manage data


Modern engineering projects need to connect a variety of data and documents from many stakeholders. This is where Phusion Pick & Links can help. Pick & Link is data-driven software designed for viewing, creating and managing these complex relationships. Well managed engineering information can save your project time and money.

Benefits of Pick & Link


Information when you need it

A powerful tool for finding and associating items of equipment, documents and a range of other item types.


Simple relationship building

Provides a simple but effective way of building and managing relationships (links) between data items.

Key Features

Integration with document management systems


Documents used by Phusion Pick & Link can be located in a separate document management system like SharePoint, as it’s built to work with multiple document management systems.

Relationship focused - allowing reuse of information


Phusion Pick & Link functionality is built around relationships such as tag to documents, tag to model number etc. It dynamically presents sets of data to simply grow these relationships to support the user population. All changes are reflected throughout the entire system.

Document Content Searching


Search database content – that is the engineering information you are storing in Phusion Pick & Link (tags, models etc.) using a range of search fields and filters. Also search within documents themselves so find where a word appears inside a document.

Pick & Link works seamlessly with the following software:


Our modular approach to Information Management software is fully customisable and allows you to pick and choose modules to suit your needs. Pick & Link is fully compatible with the following applications:


Manage, edit and compare asset database content and structures.


Visualise and find 1D, 2D
and 3D asset database content.


Generate precise and pre-validated tag numbers based on pre-defined rule sets.


Collect, review and share engineering information through templates.