Information to support digital adoption and change

The utilities sector has a key role to play in the decarbonisation of the economy and our collective journey to net zero.

The need for digital adoption in a world of rapid technological change has never been more critical to an industry that is core to our society.

With the increase in power generation resources involved in the utilities sector, including large scale high voltage battery storage, and the evolution of domestic and commercial power requirement in line with decarbonisation, the role of data in managing projects and assets is paramount.

In addition, with the rapid expansion of decentralised energy generation and more renewable energy resources tied to the grid, there is increased complexity. Managing hundreds or thousands of power generation points and types make the power grid more complex to operate.

Managing this challenge, alongside every increasing regulatory changes and, of course, the maintenance and replacement of the UK’s aging utilities infrastructure, presents the need for a comprehensive data system that enables multiple parties to access and input content to ensure real-time information is available.

Without the ability to call upon essential data, shutdown times are increased, impacting on security of supply. It will also lead to declining revenues, increase transmission and distribution system investments, and increase risks of grid reliability and cyber-security.

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Using Data in the Utilities Sector

Anglian Water –
SAP Implementation

Anglian Water is one of the leading providers of water and wastewater services in the UK serving the needs of around 6 million industrial, commercial and domestic customers. With a region covering some 27,500 square kilometres it is also geographically the largest water company in England and Wales.

When Anglian Water introduced SAP to their engineering and maintenance operations, they engaged Phusion to clean and validate the data before it was loaded in the new system.

“Using the tools and expertise available to us through Phusion, we have made considerable data improvements in the area of asset records. This in turn has led to improvements in our procurement processes, our spares management and the delivery of an electronic document management solution for asset information”


Kevin Brown, Asset Data Manager, Anglian Water


Information Management Software for the Utilities Sector


Our software empowers engineers to model, capture and manage information in a single accessible/trusted form, so they can use it to deliver projects, operations and industrial transformation.

Manage, edit and compare asset database content and structures.


Visualise and find 1D, 2D
and 3D asset database content.


Create and view relationships between information and documents.


Collect, review and share engineering information through templates.