Operational excellence starts with the right information

We have a strong track record in helping organisations switch their focus from the technology they use to the more important data they’ll rely on.

A common scenario involves helping existing plants implement new systems such as SAP, SmartPlant, Maximo, Documentum or SharePoint, or when the quality of information on an asset is so poor major issues are threatening areas such as health & safety.

In these cases, it proves that many organisations place most emphasis on the SYSTEM, rather than the INFORMATION.

However, the information that needs to be accessed is only as good as the data that’s fed in. Often, that content is not fit for purpose, disparate and lacking in quality.

Our extensive experience in this area and expertise in supporting data-driven digital transformations ensures that this mindset is quickly changed and a journey to efficient information-led operations is undertaken.

Engineering Data Management
Maintenance and Inspection
Hazardous Areas & Health and Safety

Engineering Data Management

Our area of expertise is the identification, collection and management of the relevant information to allow systems to function effectively. We prepare the information for upload into the new system, applying the relevant data standards as agreed with the client.

Our Software provides a flexible and economic staging area for the information while it is being collected, cleaned, validated and structured for the new system.

We also advise on the adoption of industry standards, such as ISO 15926 of CFIHOS, and can undertake the work required to make the information meet these standards. Multi-site organisations are particularly keen to adopt a common standard for their information, as this encourages the sharing of information and equipment across sites.

If we are engaged at the very beginning of a project, we can work alongside the system implementation team and get the information right from the outset. However, this is not always possible, and we are frequently approached after a new system has been implemented, but can work closely with organisations to overcome this challenge.


Maintenance and Inspection

Reducing the time and cost of carrying activity without compromising on standards is core to effective maintenance and inspection.

However, organisations are often hampered by their ability to access to quality engineering information.

Through the application of connected engineering data and documents and the use of mobile equipment, this will reduce time on site, increase the long-term effectiveness of inspections and improve management of change.


Hazardous Areas & Health and Safety

Hazardous area-related data and documents, combined with mobile devices, can substantially improve inspections.

Through the application of connected engineering data and documents and the use of ATEX-rated mobile equipment, this will reduce time on site, increase the long-term effectiveness of inspections and improve management of change.

Information is essential for effective inspection processes, particularly in hazardous areas. The ability to access the relevant and most up to date data on a mobile device will ensure that the inspection is completed correctly and safely.

With legislation driving inspections, digitalization allows organisations to analyse information and ensure the latest standards are being met. This will, of course, also improve performance, both of individuals and the asset itself and guarantee safety.

Our expertise is supporting hazardous area inspections ensures we provide specialist advice and guidance, understanding the relevant certificates and data requirements. This makes sure inspections can be completed efficiently and safely, first time, every time.


Operations in Action

Novartis –
Flexible Information Management

To cope with the frequency of plant modification, Novartis needed a flexible engineering information system capable of recording all the plant changes taking place to ensure they complied with CGMP regulations.

Novartis continually investigate ways of reducing plant shutdown periods and chose Phusion software and services for their flexibility and functionality.

SaaS Applications to support your Engineering Operations


Our software empowers engineers to model, capture and manage information in a single accessible/trusted form, so they can use it to deliver projects, operations and industrial transformation.


Manage, edit and compare asset database content and structures.


Visualise and find 1D, 2D
and 3D asset database content.


Create and view relationships between information and documents.


Collect, review and share engineering information through templates.