Capture the information you need


When there are multiple stakeholders involved in a project, ensuring that the end user gets information deliverables is a complex job. Phusion Collect is a powerful, application used to aid the capture of engineering information from a wide range of stakeholders. It provides a central location for Owners/Operators, EPCs and suppliers to enter data in a controlled and consistent fashion.

It can significantly speed up the information handover process, reduce costs and improve information quality and completeness.

Benefits of Connect


Reduce Errors

Templated capture of information ensures that you get exactly what you need.


Ensure Consistency

Driven by a master data model that guarantees consistency throughout sites and projects.


Collaborate for better results

Live editing and real-time entry allows teams across the world to work together.

Key Features



Minimise data entry and reduce errors by controlling the type and structure of data entered by utilising Data Manager. Templates are pre-loaded with known information from existing data sets to minimise data entry requirements and reduce errors.

Data-centric document outputs


Templates ensure data is entered once and the requisite data centric documents are produced to satisfy contractual deliverables.

Reporting and analytics


Powerful, real-time analytics provide a gap analysis on data, allowing reports to be focussed on specific areas of data collection to increase completeness.

Navigator works seamlessly with the following software:


Our modular approach to Information Management software is fully customisable and allows you to pick and choose modules to suit your needs. Collect is fully compatible with the following applications:


Manage, edit and compare asset database content and structures.


Visualise and find 1D, 2D
and 3D asset database content.


Create and view relationships between information and documents.


Generate precise and pre-validated tag numbers based on pre-defined rule sets.