Phusion Edit Grid

Phusion Edit Grid provides users with a familiar spreadsheet type environment for bulk editing of data held in a database.

This allows convenient editing operations to be carried out whilst preserving the centralised, secure environment normally associated with a database.

edit grid

  • Spreadsheet functionality

    Familiar spreadsheet style provides users with easy editing into a single source of truth.

  • Configurable Look ups

    Look ups can be applied to any field to ensure consistency and reduce errors.

  • Live editing

    Changes made via Phusion Edit Grid are automatically reflected in other apps. Conversely, changes made in other apps are automatically reflected in Phusion Edit Grid.

Download Phusion Edit Grid Brochure


Phusion software has been developed to integrate with ERP, CMMS and Document Management systems such SAP, Intergraph, Bentley Systems, and Maximo

Users often prefer the functionality of spreadsheets for the bulk manipulation, copying, pasting, reviewing and editing of data. However, a spreadsheet often leads to the duplication and inconsistency of data, as well as making it difficult to implement version control and undo errors.

Phusion Edit Grid has an integrated security layer allowing several layers of permissions and the use of look-ups to ensure control and consistency by preventing typos and invalid values.

edit grid