Phusion Pick & Link

Phusion Pick & Link is a powerful, web based application for managing engineering data and documents. It allows users to search quickly and simply, view and manage their content, giving them a single source of the truth for all their engineering information.

Modern engineering projects connect data and documents of multiple kinds from multiple stakeholders. Phusion Pick & Link’s key functionality enables users to quickly and simply build and visualise these complex relationships.

pick and link

  • Integration with document management systems

    Documents used by Phusion Pick & Link can be located in a separate document management system like SharePoint, as it’s built to work with multiple document management systems.

  • Relationship focused - allowing reuse of information

    Phusion Pick & Link functionality is built around relationships such as tag to documents, tag to model number etc . It dynamically presents sets of data to simply grow these relationships to support the user population. All changes are reflected throughout the entire system.

  • Document Content Searching

    Search database content – that is the engineering information you are storing in Phusion Pick & Link (tags, models etc.) using a range of search fields and filters. Also search within documents themselves so find where a word appears inside a document.

Download Phusion Pick & Link Brochure


Phusion software has been developed to integrate with ERP, CMMS and Document Management systems such SAP, Intergraph, Bentley Systems, and Maximo

Phusion Pick & Link forms the foundation of Phusion’s software application suite and Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW).  It comes with a companion mobile application meaning information can be accessed remotely at any time.

Phusion Pick & Link is used by Owner Operators and EPCs on some of the world’s largest capital projects. The flexible SaaS model and quick and easy setup also provides a cost effective and efficient solution for smaller projects and operational facilities.