Phusion Collect

Every engineering project involves many stakeholders supplying data and documents. Phusion Collect is a powerful, web based application to aid the collection of engineering information from a wide range of stakeholders. It provides a central location for Owners/Operators, EPCs and suppliers to enter data in a controlled and consistent fashion.

Used on some of the world’s largest capital projects, Phusion Collect has been proven to significantly speed up the information handover process, reduce costs and improve information quality and completeness. It has proven especially valuable for use on major global projects where the owner operators, EPCs and suppliers are located on different continents and in various time zones.

Phusion Collect laptop

  • Template driven

    Minimise data entry and reduce errors. Control the type and structure of data entered by utilising Phusion Reference.

  • Pre-loaded with data

    Templates are pre-loaded with known information from existing data sets to minimise data entry requirements and reduce errors.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Powerful, real time analytics provide a gap analysis on data, allowing efforts to be focussed on specific areas of data collection to increase completeness.

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Phusion software has been developed to integrate with ERP, CMMS and Document Management systems such SAP, Intergraph, Bentley Systems, and Maximo

Phusion Collect is template driven thereby ensuring only relevant data is collected in the specified format, reducing the need for extensive reviewing and data clean-up. Powerful reporting and analytics provide all stakeholders with up to the minute visibility on data completeness allowing resources to be focussed where potential delays are likely.

Phusion collect laptop