Engineering Information Management Software and Mobile Apps

Access all your engineering information in one place with Phusion’s suite of IM software and mobile Apps. Create a single source of the truth by integrating with existing systems such as SAP, Maximo and Intergraph, or create your own complete solution. Phusion’s software suite has been proven on some of the world’s largest projects such as Chevron Gorgon and INPEX Ichthys.

Leveraging over 25 years of engineering information management expertise, Phusion’s software suite is designed by engineers for engineers. Combine Phusion Pick & Link with Phusion Collect to create a powerful, yet flexible, engineering data warehouse and vendor data collection tool for capital projects. Extend your systems into the field with Phusion Onsite, a mobile App for data collection and inspections, even in hazardous areas.

Software as a service

We have developed a range of flexible, cost effective software to transform your information

Phusion Onsite

Collection software allowing users of mobile devices to gather data remotely

Phusion Collect

Collect, review and share engineering information through templates

Phusion Edit Grid

Secure access to view, insert and delete records for live bulk editing

Phusion Pick & Link

Create and view relationships between all kinds of information and documents

Phusion Reference

Manage, edit, compare and reference class libraries, lists, standards and data libraries.

Unique range of Services for engineering information management

Fast, simple access to reliable engineering information is essential for new projects and operational facilities.

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SaaS Cloud hosting – scalable and secure

SaaS Cloud hosting – scalable and secure

Phusion’s Cloud infrastructure is trusted by energy giants such as BP, Chevron, TOTAL and INPEX to securely host their engineering information on capital projects and operational plant.

Why Cloud hosting?

More businesses than ever before are moving to the Cloud. This is because Cloud computing offers benefits which include:

Flexibility to scale up and down your bandwidth requirements when you need to  |  Greater document collaboration and control, no more emailing documents back and forth or sharing memory sticks |  Improved security because your data is not stored on one single device |  Ability to work anywhere online as you’re not restricted by the particular device you are using