Flexible information management resources

Phusion’s Data Factory provides a range of skills and resources to ensure your engineering information is Complete, Correct, Consistent and Connected. Outsourcing information management resources provides a cost effective and flexible solution for small and large projects on new build and operational facilities.

Timely access to experienced IM resources brings enormous benefits when implementing a new system or building a new asset. Phusion’s Data Factory combines highly skilled team members, well established processes, an ISO compliant QMS and over 25 years of IM experience. Phusion’s Data Factory can make your engineering information work harder for you.

Data factory process

The Data Factory comprises of engineers, analysts and data assemblers who work in specialist teams to collect, validate, clean and organise a wide range of engineering information. Outputs include model number validation, spare parts cataloguing, tag number validation, hierarchy build and document management. All processes are compliant with ISO9001 and utilise Phusion’s IM software to ensure consistency and maximise efficiency.

Over the last 25 years, Phusion’s Data Factory has processed many millions of bits of information on projects all over the world, ranging from oil and gas installations to water treatment plants and nuclear waste processing facilities. Data Factory teams are supported by Phusion’s team of IM Consultants, Technical Specialists and Project Managers who help Phusion deliver IM on some of the world’s largest capital projects.

The flexibility of the Data Factory processes means the teams can manage anything from a small project to the largest global mega projects, such as Chevron Gorgon and INPEX Ichthys. The Data Factory is underpinned by Phusion Content, Phusion’s vast library of structured, reusable engineering information and Phusion’s expertise in developing class libraries and templates

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