Turn your information into an asset with strategic consultancy

Effective IM has been proven to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve safety. Whilst developing an IM strategy, companies need to consider the current and future needs of the project or organisation and ensure the strategy is fit for purpose and will receive buy in from all stakeholders.

Users fail to take responsibility for maintaining information if the systems cannot deliver what they need to do their job. They bypass corporate systems and start to develop or revert to islands of information, which in turn increases costs, reduces efficiency and increases risk of incidents, prolonged outages or project over runs.

Phusion has an enviable pedigree of providing strategic IM consultancy and support for Blue Chip clients from a wide range of sectors. Phusion’s expertise covers:

Development of corporate IM strategy  |  IM gap analysis and benchmarking |  Adoption of standards |  Development of class libraries |  Training and support |  Systems implementation |  Information migration


Phusion IM consultants and technical specialists have many years of experience working with clients from many sectors, including oil & gas, utilities, nuclear, power generation, pharmaceutical, petrochemical sectors and facilities management sectors. This cross sector experience enables Phusion to bring a wealth of knowledge and sector-dedicated best practice to all aspects of our consultancy and support.

Phusion believes in helping clients develop a pragmatic, fit-for-purpose IM strategy that can be effectively implemented with buy-in from all stakeholders. Our team is particularly passionate about training and coaching clients in the principles and processes involved to enable them to take total ownership of their own IM strategy and engineering content. Wherever possible, we encourage clients to spend time at our offices to work on their own data with our consultants and data factory teams.

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