Phusion – 25 years of Information Management

Phusion 25 years in IM

I started this company to make a difference. In 1992 I was working in the oil and gas sector and I saw the need for change in the way information was used. The world was becoming mobile but the industry stayed static so I had a choice: do I try and do this myself, or do I sit back and wait for someone else to solve the problem? Since then I’ve never looked back.

These days it’s a given that technology is an essential part of our lives, the industry knows this but in 1992 industry was a different world, the internet was in its infancy and you couldn’t even link a data base to an image. The engineering industry was flooded with endless paper copies of every single piece of information and none of it connected. The notion of having asset information you can edit, shape, share and verify wherever you were and whenever you need it was almost unheard of.

I wanted to make a small change that would make a massive difference to peoples working lives. I wanted to make the management of information easy, manageable and sharable. I knew this would increase companies’ efficiencies, lower costs and cut down on project delivery times.

We started by working on the BP Bruce project collating their project information. This was the first test of my theory, and as the software didn’t exist we had to create it. We felt like true pioneers.

Since then we worked on many high profile projects, our breakthrough was BP Angola in 2002, that convinced us and the industry that what we were doing worked and could make a real difference.

As we’ve grown, so has our client list. We now work across brownfield and greenfield sites for many different sectors. What we do has become vital for new industries so we’ve expanded to meet their needs.

In 2010 we won a landmark contract for the Chevron Gorgon project in Australia; today we have offices in the UK and Australia to manage a global client list. When we set out we were just 5 people trying to change the oil and gas industry. Now we’re a much larger team in offices across the world, but our mission hasn’t changed.

We couldn’t have got to where we are today without a great team, and I wouldn’t come into work if I didn’t think my colleagues wanted to make the same differences I did when I started the business.

The work is challenging, but it’s great to see the rewards, were really proud of the contracts we’ve won, and the team that delivers them. Our great rewards, benefits and training packages ensure we have the very best people to deliver our future and they really enjoy what they do.

Our history is about being one step ahead, our future is about investing in our talent and our technology and constantly striving to make a difference.

That’s my vision of the perfect Phusion.

Steve Pearson – Executive Chairman