A Magical Tale of Engineering Information Management

Once upon a time there was a project,

Where everyone worked as a team,

Where everyone shared their engineering information,

And everyone knew what they needed to know…

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we shall begin…

A long, long time ago (or for some, pretty recently) in a far off distant land, the process industry was complex; there were many people working independently to build and operate plant. All of them, desperately trying to solve a problem to keep the wolves at bay.

The trouble is, in this land people were often so busy that they often didn’t see the bigger picture. Time after time projects often didn’t meet their deadlines which made the big bad wolves very unhappy. Procurement, Operations and Suppliers were all very protective and did not share information, worked separately and as a result created their own islands of information.

However all was not lost. One day a mysterious visitor came. This little girl known only as Emily, came to notice how everyone in the land looked grey and sad; each of them unable to stop and powerless to break free from their routines and talk.

They were so busy that when little Emily tried to teach them a better way of working, they laughed at her. This was when Emily realised that everyone had been bewitched with a heinous ‘head in the clouds’ spell. So she summoned the winds of change to create the light of empowerment; she cast this magic over everyone in the land which blew away clouds and suddenly everything they saw was much clearer…

They now live in a world that uses the latest techniques, they abandoned their islands and they keep all their information in one place where everyone can access it from anywhere. They work closer together as a team, they share practices and processes, they drive down costs, improve health and safety, keep projects on schedule, and most of all they stop and look at the wood instead of the trees.

I told you this was a magical tale.

Let’s give our projects the happy ending they deserve.

Our latest video to accompany this tale is now available. Watch it below or click this link.