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Hidden Secrets: What I didn’t know about my fuel cap & an OXO cube

It appears I am not the only one who did not realise that the location of the fuel cap on your car is shown by the arrow as illustrated in the picture above. I was in a hire car with a colleague and I was surprised that he instantly knew which side to park in the fuel station to top up the tank. Now I know how he did it. Armed with this new information, I asked a variety of people if they were aware of this fact and to my amazement, a high percentage of them did not know; so I was far from alone.

Another colleague retorted with “did you know an Oxo cube is designed to be broken up in the wrapper, so you do not get gravy powder all over your fingers?” If you are like me, you peel the cube and then you crumble it into a jug!

We live in a world where smart people do smart things. However, if we do not have the requisite knowledge, we completely miss the point and often waste our efforts overcoming something someone else has already invested time on trying to help us do better. In my case, I have often parked a hire car to find out which side the fuel cap is on before driving up to the pump. I have also spent countless times washing my hands during gravy making. I am sure there are many other things I do because I have no knowledge of the smart solution.

For nearly 25 years we have been working in the process industry sector, knitting together original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) data and documents for pumps, motors, transmitters, valves and the like. To facilitate easy searching, we collate this information for over 5,000 of the leading OEMs, by mapping to ISO data standards, so you can find what you need to buy or to maintain these commonly used items.

We have the worlds’ largest independent library of equipment data and documents, all inter-related so you have a digital asset for each item of equipment. Our problem is that this is one of the worlds’ best kept secrets. You do not have the knowledge that this exists and that it can be accessed on your mobile device to help you do your job, or complement your existing asset register.

The secret is out

Well now you have the knowledge and the secret is out. This can save you time as another bunch of smart people have done some clever things to help you.

Just think, if we could share all this knowledge we can all change to working three days a week and still be just as effective, given the time we spend (waste?) searching for information. We can also have more leisure time during the other four days each week , given the efforts of other smart people making our lives that much easier.

So did you also know……