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BIM there, done that!

The introduction of BIM as a mandatory requirement for handover of information for government funded building projects has opened up a new wave of enthusiasm in the information management domain.

Likewise decades ago when the US introduced OSHA regulations and CEOs, and other C class executives, could be imprisoned for the wrong doings of their subordinated this also changed behaviours.

Similarly the current low oil price challenge in the Oil and Gas industry is another compelling event to drive behavioural change and again information management can play a part.

Some embracing communities have logically renamed BIM from “Building Information Modelling” to “Better Information Management”.

People are starting to realise that BIM is not just about 3D modelling and also recognise the principles can be applied to all assets, not just buildings.

Relatively speaking the IM community is not large so most users still think of IM as IT, where the latter does not have a great reputation or success record.

However with the advent of cloud technology and economical apps users have more choice on the technology front. Some users can now do at work the sort of things they do on their home computers, and their mobile technology. Accessing information in a simple and intuitive way is now transforming the user experience.

In fact one of the new business drivers is the rationalisation of high cost ageing solutions which have worked independently, towards an integrated set of low cost solutions working from a single source of truth, from any device.

The potential for “Better Information Management” has always been around and supportive legislation acts as an enabler to change. It will only take one company to fully recognise the value of their content and leverage the transformational effects it will have on their business.

Other companies will look on and wonder how they operate with more profit, better safety, more efficiency and low cost compliance effort and will jump on board themselves. Soon “Better Information Management” will become the norm and we will wonder how we ever lived without it!

We have spent nearly twenty five years in this domain and still believe “Content is King”.

As you embrace BIM we recommend you focus on your information as well as the technology.

In my presentations years ago I used to say that a fictitious company, called Miracle Software, will bring out a low cost solution that does everything. The only thing it needs to work is a small technology budget and good content.

In terms of technology this vision is happening, so much so Microsoft is looking to buy Miracle Software!

Whilst Microsoft searches for the company we need to keep working on miracle content!