What is Engineering Information Management?

Engineering Information Management (EIM) is the collection, cleansing and management of engineering information from one or more sources and then distributing that information. It is vital to the longevity of your assets and organisation.

What are the principles of Asset Management?

Asset Management starts with knowledge of what your assets are. This allows you to model and analyse factors throughout your asset life cycle from design and procurement through operation and maintenance, to shut down and decommissioning.

What is a single source of truth?

Single source of truth allows all team members and stakeholders to work with a coordinated, collaborative, set of interfaces, processes and – most important – information.

How do Phusion integrate management systems to meet Asset Management requirements?

Phusion has a long track record of working with multiple project stakeholders, and with different corporate systems and standards and making this into a single source of truth.

Any large capital project features different software systems. Phusion has worked with many systems such as SAP, Maximo etc., and integrated them to provide a coherent single source of truth.