Sabic: Wilton LDPE plant


Client: Sabic

Sector: Process

Services: Consultancy, Data Management & Engineering Content

Software: Collect, Pick & Link

Information Managemet and Handover

When SABIC built its new low density polyethylene plant in Wilton in the U.K., it was to be the largest of its type worldwide. This prestigious, multi million pound investment had an ambitious timescale, it was essential that the plant was delivered on time, on budget and fully compliant with all regulatory requirements prior to start up.

SABIC recognised that a robust information management strategy and system would be the key to meeting a wide range of project milestones, including a timely and comprehensive information handover.



Phusion was appointed as the information management (IM) contractor and worked closely with the main EPC contractor, Simon Carves, and SABIC’s project team. Phusion’s scope included consultancy, data processing services and the provision of IM software for use by all the stakeholders. It was Phusion’s role to ensure that all stakeholders had fast, easy access to all the engineering information and a single source of the truth throughout the duration of the project.

The Phusion software suite was used as a staging area to access, collate, process and structure the information which would ultimately populate systems such as SAP and Intergraph’s SmartPlant.

Phusion’s consultants provided strategic guidance and project management whilst resources from the Phusion Data Factory collected, cleaned and connected a wide range of project related data and documents, including
information relating to spares.

Phusion was the focal point for all EPC document submissions. Project documentation was received from various sources and registered in Phusion’s powerful SaaS IM software, which integrates with a range of ERP,
CMMS and document management systems, including SAP and Intergraph. The documentation was then classified to SABIC’s internal document specification and mapped to the EPCs’ transmittal system. As soon as a document went through this process, it could be viewed by various stakeholders via Phusion’s software.

Other Data Factory activities included validating tags and equipment model numbers, as well as building tag to document links and hierarchy. Throughout the whole process, powerful reporting and analytics provided all stakeholders with a live view of data and document quality and completeness, enabling effort to be focussed in specific areas to ensure timely and complete data handover.

SABIC addressed the issue of spares, contracting Phusion to catalogue the spare parts and to build detailed assemblies within SAP, as well as providing tools to help SABIC review the spares requirements for the new plant. This involved contacting suppliers and obtaining their recommended spare parts lists for the supplied equipment, and supplementing these listings with items identified by SABIC’s own engineers.

Phusion’s software utilised the collected data to ensure that SABIC was compliant with the regulatory requirements they were obligated to meet prior to start-up. Reports were created to exactly mimic the internal inspection documents, allowing various fields to be pre-populated, thus reducing time spent filling in forms and also reducing the possibility of errors.


By the time SABIC’s flagship LDPE plant was fully commissioned, operations and maintenance teams had a set of engineering information that was complete, correct, consistent and connected and they were able to demonstrate compliance with the requisite regulatory standards.

By engaging Phusion to manage the engineering information on the Wilton LDPE plant, Sabic recorded the following benefits:

  • Timely and effective data handover

  • Visibility of data and document completeness throughout project lifecycle

  • Fast simple access to engineering information for stakeholders

  • Single source of the truth

  • SaaS software provided cost effective and flexible approach

  • Integration with SAP and Intergraph

  • Correct spares holding from start up