Engineering Technician

Sword and Phusion work in partnership with organisations that want to drive value from their engineering information. The market-leading Phusion SaaS platform empowers engineers to model, capture and manage information in a single accessible form, so they can use it to deliver projects, operations and industrial transformation.

Together, Sword and Phusion deliver world-leading Information Management projects. Our combined skills and experience make us the go-to-provider for innovative enterprise-level solutions that help solve data challenges in asset intensive and highly regulated environments.

Engineering Technicians apply their technical and practical expertise and knowledge to support the building of electronic data sets and digital twins for the process engineering sector.

Engineering Technicians will have typically worked in an engineering maintenance or design role and are familiar with the different types of engineering information needed to build and maintain a process engineering asset. They can have an electrical, instrument, mechanical or process background.

This is an office-based role and involves working with engineering specifications, drawings, documents and engineering data such as spare parts information. Using a variety of tools, including Phusion’s in-house software, Engineering Technicians process engineering information to ensure it is Complete, Correct, Consistent and Connected.

A personal development plan will be established to build knowledge of a wide range of evolving technologies. This includes digital transformation, AI, IM (Information Management) standards, IM principles and emerging solutions for Engineering IM including Phusion’s rapidly evolving suite of software solutions.

Role Outline & Key Responsibilities

Engineering Technicians work as part of an integrated project team and are required to provide support and coaching other team members. As well as a wide range of activities including:


  • Locating equipment related information from various sources including Internet and client data.
  • Building hierarchy relationships from process plant, instrument loop and electrical systems.
  • Analysing and processing spare parts information i.e. SPILS, SPURS.
  • Locating technical data from engineering drawings and engineering documents.
  • Building the more complex relationships between data and documents.
  • Cleaning and validating data to ISO standards and client requirements.
  • Raising and solving technical queries.
  • QA checking on data completeness and quality.

Career Development, Reward & Benefits

Engineering Technicians can progress on a range of career paths within the business which includes Team Lead, Engineer, IM Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Specialist and IM Consultant.

Our colleagues are supported and encouraged to develop their career through a personal training and development plan alongside a competitive salary and benefits package.

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If selected, you will be  working from Phusion HQ in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees UK.


This is a fulltime position. You’re required to work 37.5 hours, spread over 5 days.